Loading external swf with combobox

Hi everyone, this problem is a bit tough to explain so here goes. I have a combobox which loads an external swf. View pic:

Here is my code:

globe_array = [ {label:“Australia”, data:“AUS.swf”},
{label:“Canada”, data:“CAN.swf”},
{label:“France”, data:“FRA.swf”},
{label:“Germany”, data:“GER.swf”},
{label:“Japan”, data:“JAP.swf”},
{label:“Netherlands”, data:“NET.swf”},
{label:“Scandinavia”, data:“SCA.swf”},
{label:“United Kingdom”, data:“UK.swf”},
{label:“United States”, data:“USA.swf”}];
createEmptyMovieClip(“display_mc”, 1);

lo = new Object();
lo.change = function (evt) {
combo_cb.addEventListener(“change”, lo);

the swf loads and it works. The thing is I would like to use one swf and not Canada, United States etc. The swf should the start at the position it left off.
So for instance if you select Canada from the Australia from the dropdown, the globe spins from Canada to Australia, and not from the original position to Australia. Hope someone can help and thanks in advance.