Loading external text into scrollPane

I have a movieclip which used loadVariables to load text from a php script into dynamic textboxes within the movieclip. The linkage is set up, and it’s set to export for actionscript.

I have a scrollPane on the stage which has its content path set to the movieclip mentioned above.

When someone clicks on one of the buttons on the stage, the movieclip calls a php script again to get different information, which is loaded into the textboxes in the movieclip.

The problem I am having is getting the scrollPane to update. The new information will not load into it. The paths are all fine, and the new information will load into the movieclip. I’m using MX2004. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I need the new information to appear in the scrollPane whenever a button is clicked.

Currently, this is what my code is on a button:

on (press){
movieClip.loadVariables(“phpscript.php”, this, “GET”);
scrollPane.contentPath = “movieClip”;