Loading external txt into a textbox with a scroller

The tutorial i’m referring to is:

There are two options for the text box which won’t work:
Full Justify and Render Text as HTML

Could anyone tell me why?

I kinda got the html rendering part working:

You have to set a VAR property for the textbox (let’s say “textBoxText”)

so the line in the frame actions becomes:

loadText.onLoad = function() {
	textBoxText = this.kirupatext;
	//as opposed to textBox.text = this.kirupatext;

But now something else messes up: the scrollbars, they won’t do anything

To sum it up:
The “<>” button doesn’t work
when i use “textBox.text = this.kirupatext” but the scrollbar does

The “<>” button works when I set a var property on the textbox and use “textBoxText = this.kirupatext” but the scrollbar doesn’t

Full Justify still doesn’t work in both these cases

why is it that the scrollbars don’t work when I set a var property?

because the only way the sbars get told the text has changed in MX is by using textfield.text=varWithNewContent; to retain html-formating, use textfield.htmlText=varWithNewContent instead.
Never used full justify, no idea…

Alright, that’s exactly what I wanted, thanks alot. I should’ve read the reference more thoroughly