Scrollbar question for pixel sensei

ok…renaissance could you explain what I need to do to get a scrollbar to work with text being loaded in. I tried using the code above in my own and it wouldn’t work. Could you please explain the settings I need to have in the properties box of the textbox and exactly what AS i need to use and where…also could you explain keeping in mind i want to use the scrollbar that comes with mx? I’d really appreciate it.

The scrollbar that comes with MX ??? There’s a tute here done by Kirupa. I think you should look at it.

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the scrollbar is one of the easiest things in flash mx i am pretty rubbish at flash and that is one thing i can do

no pom…i’ve already read kirupa’s tutorial…I want to know how to have the textbox populated with text from a .txt file and I can’t get it to work.

Oups sorry… I think there’s post saying that it doesn’t work. I don’t know, I haven’t tried personally.

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I can get it to load the .txt file but I can’t get the ****ed scrollbar to update its size of the scolling content after the variable has been loaded

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish:
I want to have a text box in my .fla to be populated with text from a .txt file located on the same site…In other words if my fla is at i want the main text box (my news) to be filled with text from Is what i want to do feasable?
Dan, do you know how to do that?

p.s. My name is also dan, muahahahahahaha

What’s up vibe,

Ok, after trying Kirupa’s tutorial and unearthing my old scrolling text experiments, testing, coffee, more testing, more coffee, and finally repeatedly banging my head on the keyboard… I am unable to make the FlashMX scroller component work with a textbox containing loaded variables. I will play around with this more when I get home. Sorry, in the mean time, I can only offer you the old fashioned solution I listed previously.