Loading html page after flash movie plays

I have a question please? I just recently started playing around in Flash and am using MX. I’ve created an swf and published the html, but how do I call another html page from the movie page?

[size=1]well if I understand what it is you would like to do…

The first thing you will need to do is create a button. Once you
do, and you’ve placed it on the stage, you right-click on it and
select Actions.

You will then go to to the Actions panel and find getUrl() function.
This is found under Browser/Network, then getURL.

If you’re using FlashMX then it will show you a blank field of the
url you wish the button to go to once it is pushed. You can also
designate how you would like that window to load…new window,
on top, normal, etc. Easy as pie!

Hope this helps.


Thanks much. I added the geturl, but added it to a new layer in the last frame as an action. Works great. Thanks again.

[size=1] glad it worked out for you! =)