Loading Jpgs via URL into a Flash Dynamically?

I would like to have a flash movie load a picture as the background image of a symbol or otherwise be viewable. The picture would be referenced via a URL on another site. Is this possible?\r\rExample. Anyone who runs the movie would see a text field. putting in a URL ending in ‘.jpg’ would make another object show the pic from that URL.\r\rI’ve been desperately searching for the answer.\r\r[email protected]

if you are using Flash 5, then no. Yo uwould have to import that JPG into Flash as a seperat SWF and use LoadMovie…\r\rIf you are using Flash MX I beleive you can use loadMovie as the JPG file…

I am using Flash MX. You’re saying I can load a jpg as a movie? DO you have a resource I could look at to pull this off?


I love you guys… A quoi ça sert que je me décarcasse ?\rwww.kirupa.com/developer/…Flash%20MX\r\rpom 0]

Dammit Pom speak english! I forgot you had that tutorial. Good boi, keep them coming! :stuck_out_tongue:

D’you have MX yet ??\r\rpom 0]

This is a great tutorial. The only step seemingly missing is how to specify a URL instead of a filename. This URL will be in a different domain. This will allow a user to dynamically load a picture of herself when pulling up her profile. \r\rwww.roushi.net\rlogin\rusername: [email protected]\rpassword: test\r\r…to see what I’m talking about. Each company and user has a picture specified in a field as a URL. This URL would pull up the picture in the picture field.

Any new thoughts on this question? I’m interested in the ability for MX to dynamicaly load things.