Loading .jpgs

I just read Pom’s Tutorial about loading techniques.
I have a question.
I’m working on a site where there is a photo section.
What I did was make a seperate movie for the section, and load that onto the main movie. Ok good.
There is a separate button for each pic.
I have each button going to a specific frame containing the corresponding pic, and stopping. However all the pics are in the movie so its kind of big.
I already know I can use _loadmovie to load the .jpg’s.
What I need to know is how i can get the pic to appear in a specific area, not on the top left corner. Also I want to unload the previous pic when a new button is pressed.
The site is www.locosporjuana.com
You can go there, click Welcome/Bienvenidos, and click on the “fotos” section to see what im talking about.