Loading and Fading Jpeg

Hello all,
i bet this newbie question has been answered, but i am having problems coding it.
What i want to do?

leftside on the stage there are 3 movie clip that will be used to load 3 jpegs.
on the right side there are a cuouple of buttons.

  1. When i click on a button i want the 3 jpegs to load and fade in one bij one (so not at the same time).

  2. if i click on another button the previous jpegs have to fade out while the new images fade in.

Can anybody help me?


have a couple empty MC to hold the pictures, have some AS to detect when the pictures have been loaded, and untill they have been loaded don’t start the fading

if that makes sence

basicly your gonna have to make sure the pictures are loaded fully before anything depending on the size of the pictures

someone tell me if i’m wrong