Loading movie in a dynamically created level

first of all, hello and how are you doing.

Here is my problem which i hope someone might be able to answer. I am sure it is a small matter whcih i have forgotten but i am wracking my braing to figure it out. I am trying to load an swf file on(release) into a dynamically created later.

loadMovie(“workroomPage.swf”, _root.conteur);

If your button is in the main movie, and so is the var, drop the _root. How do you increment var (and when)?

the variable is declared on the first frame
as conteur = 1;

then the load function as well as the variable are declared in a button.

sorry i pressed tab to many times and it posted it

anyways the increment is as follows. after the the loadmovie call

 conteur ++;  

i have a trace before/after it to tell me whether or not it is incrementing and it is. it’s just not loading in the right livel i don’t get it.

can you send me the fla to look at ([email protected])? or icq-me :104459598…

thanks for the offer but i figured it out. thanks and be well.