°°° loading movie in another movie °°° URGENT

hey there!

I have a main movie (called: “team.swf”) with several buttons. When I click a button, it loads an external movie (called: “lampe.swf”) and plays in my main movie. Now, what I want to do is this: when the movie “lampe.swf” is done with playing, it loads another movie (called:“description_lampe.swf”) onto the main movie. So what i do is ad a script to load the “description_lampe.swf”, but it opens in the same window… This is my code:

_root.loadMovie("description_lampe.swf", "description");

I guess it has something to do with the “_root”… how can I show to that movie that it has to open in the spot (“description”) on the main-movie (“team.swf”)?



sorry, i posted this on the flash MX forum before, but i guess it’s more actionscript…