Loading movies from sub menu

Hi I’m having problems loading movies from a sub menu.
Basically I have a primary navigation and secondary or nested menu
on one menu item. The following load movie script works fine on the primary menu on the root:

about_mc.onRelease = function() {
createEmptyMovieClip(“container2”, 1);
loadMovie(“about2.swf”, “container2”);
container2._x = 0;
container2._y = 0;

However I’m using the following script on the nested menu item and it refuses to work:

on (release) {
_parent.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 1);
loadMovie(“about.swf”, “container”);
container._x = 0;
container._y = 0;

I don’t think its a targeting issue as I have tested it with other functions and it works I just think there might be a issue withe container name or something.
Has anyone got an idea or solution :h: