Loading movies

could someone ‘iron out’ a few queries I have regarding loading independent swf’s into a movie?
I have just looked at the tutorial and it seems pretty straightforward, even for me.
What confuses me is:

I want the loaded movies to play in a certain area on the screen so that they seem part of the original movie as they change. How do I do this.

Do I have to use a complete url address for the swf. file?
If the file is in the same folder as the original movie, can I not direct it to the ‘swf’ file as I would a web page in the same website?
All replies greatly appreciated.

The best way to control (change the size,position etc) loaded movies is to load them into a blank movie clip, then all you have to do is drag that clip onto the main stage and change its properties (size, color, alpha etc…) if needed.

i hope this is not too confusing to understand.


PS, no you don’t have to use exact urls. I use local addresses and never seem to run into a problem. You do need a keen mind for addressing systems though, as it can get pretty confusing sometimes.