Loading multiple movies

hi guys!

I have a base file which contains an empty movieclip which will load my first external movie.

What i want to happen is the following :: Let my base file preload, soon as that has finished i want my first external movie to preload…soon as my external movie has finished loading, i want my base file to play the animation and then load the external movie into the movieclip without it loading (since it has been preloaded already)

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for your help!!

add preloader to your base file

in the next scene (which contains your animation) add the following as a frame script:

//this will load filename.swf on _level1

again have the same with your external movie… give it a preloader and on the first frame of the next scene add:

//this will load otherfilename.swf on _level2

hope this helps you :slight_smile: