Loading random movieclip symbomls inside an .swf

I’m building a reference archive site for a documentary film (you can see a template example at www.seanmurphydesigns.com/endgame_page.html) and I am featuring on the page a scroller bar in which random quotes from the film will scroll through. If you check out the example page, you’ll see the bar directly beneath the masthead graphic, there is a static quote sitting in it now.

I’ve looked up code that would enable me to randomly scroll .swf’s referenced from outside the file, but I’ve yet to find anything that suggests a way to instead load random movieClip symbols from inside the same .swf. Should I necessarily be using the outside-referenced .swf method? I thought it might be simpler to just use the random symbols which would already be inside the file.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.