Loading/Scrolling Thumbnails. For the love of..!

I’m building a mock portfolio site that has a sliding thumbnail gallery. I completed the “adding thumbnails” tutorial from this site and it works fine. When i add it to the mock site. I get no thumbs. But, when i move the “hit_left” movie clip to the left edge of the stage, the thumbnails appear where they should. Upon scrolling, they scroll fine to the left, but then don’t scroll back to the right. I made the stage on the .fla that i built the thumb gallery on as long as the mock .fla and the thumbs loaded fine. When i moved them to the right side of the stage, the same problem from the mock .fla happened. What do i need to do so they scroll correctly in the small space provided? The mock .fla, xml file, and the images are available at the link below.


Thank you for any help. A second pair of eyes is always nice :eye: :eye: