Loading sounds

ok Ihad placed a thread about a preloader I could not get working right, which was due to me linking sounds out of the library. It seems when you do that the flash player creates a frame 0 even though it says export in the first frame it realy does not it loads as frame 0 then goes to frame 1. Not allowing my pre loader to start at 1 but rather at 50%. With a blank screen until that point. I don’t know a way around that so I tried to load a seprate swf with movieclips and the sound linkages in there. Works fine only if you load into level 0. Which obviosly blanks the screen out again. I have sound loops that sound like crap if I place them on the stage to loop. So that is out. Itried playing with loadSound but had no luck with that eighther. Just wonderig if anyone knows what I may be able to do ar what I may be missing. I don’t know why this should be so difficult then again its probably me making it difficult.

Change the publishing preferences of your flash file so that your event/streaming sound files play with better quality 56k/bit or higher is what I user!