Loading .swf file containing masks >.<"

Totally new here and need help.

I have created a .swf file that contains text(movie clip) this clip slowly fades in.
After it has faded in. A mask is placed on the text. so the text changes colour by a the cursor moving over it.
similar to this: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/textmask.htm

No probs here…

The problem i have with it is that, when i try loading it into another .swf file (my main piece). It screws up…

  1. I click a button to load the swf file in. but loads to worng place.

  2. The file/movie contains is fade in effect. But continously loops. It does not loop in the original .swf only whn loaded in =/

  3. The text mask effect is gone. I dont see any sort or highlight behind the text that follows the cursor.

Plz Help this newbie :jail: