Loading swf files into different levels

Hi folks, I followed this tutorial which was very usefull:-


Now I’ve got my main buttons level which has 9 buttons. A few of
these buttons load a second level of choices. These choices inturn will call a third level of thumbnails that will display images.

What I want to do is have each choice level loaded as a external swf then inturn they call the thumbnails data file which is a swf file.

My problem is that after loading the mainlevel I can get the second choice to load into the blank “mc”, but I just can’t get that choice level to load the third level external swf file.

I need serious help to sort this ASAP.

well, you’ll need a second blank MC if your doing it that way.

Yes thats what I thought but I’m not sure my code is right. I still can’t get it to load up the second or third level swf files…

Boomboy :frowning:

Why not post the file and someone will check it out for you, sounds like it might be a naming problem.

true, here are the files

sorry clicked return without adding them… they are in a zip folder

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sorry clicked return without adding them…

You sure it isn’t an attempt to get more posts :stuck_out_tongue:

NAHHHH… got concept artwork and models to build. If I new producing a decent and efficient flash site was going to take this long I would have stuck with HTML !!!

Here my sites that are online at the mo…

I bet it is due to your referencing, make sure that anything directing to the third level has the syntax:


where second and third levels are the names of your holding movieclips.


I’ve tried this and i still having trouble in getting this working. I really need someone to look at the tutorial I posted

I just need someone to take this tutorial and add a second and third choice level to each of these buttons using the loadmovie command. I need a clear examples…

Cheers Boomboy

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I changed the script so it was on the button, and added a new empty movie clip called wincon.

it is different than your original file, so i would save it in a different folder than your original file.

of course you will need to move a copy of choice.swf to the new folder as well.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. I managed to get the choice.swf file loaded without the need for a third empty movie file. Unfortunately it’s still not loading any of the swf files that are called for the choice buttons. I’m going to push on cause I know this can be done.