Loading swf movies on a time delay

Hi all

would any one beable to help, I have a little problem I am trying to solve

I have a rotating menu that when clicked rotates and loads in swf movies, OnClick.
The problem I seem to be having is that because the swf movies load in on click it seems to be causing the rotation of the menu not to run smooth.

Is it possible to get the swf movies to load in once the action of the click has completed its action. some kind of 2 second delay before the movies load in??

what happens:
you can click or mouse scroll through the menu, when you click, the action repositions the selected Item (ActiveItem) in the center and resizes larger. this works great, is it possible after this action is complete to then load in the swf movies???

Am I making any sense,:o

to see how the movie runs at the moment this is the link:

you will see at the moment onClick the movies load straight away which makes the rotation not smooth when rotating around.

I can’t seem to get the mouse scroll to work the same function as the click at the moment also…thats for another day

if anyone would be able to help, I can attach link to files if that would help?
many thanks for your thoughts:hair: