Loading swf within swf

ok ive got a navigation bar and i want to load an swf file below it what code or whatever do put it kirupa told me

on (release) {

but i figure i must have to do sumthing else because tha doesnt work. do i have t set it up anyway.



loadMovie(); is a global method, so it’s syntax follows like so

on (release) {


on (release) {

PS - nice sig. Did I send you the source code for that? Not that it matters… just wondering where it came from and I can’t remember giving it out.

yeah i asked u for the source coz its so cool i just sorted out my nav bar it works now so im on route to full flashville i missed something out of the source file kirupa sent me but its sorted now thanks alot.


np… glad the project is working.

glad you like the sig enough to use it. :slight_smile:

u a pink floyd fan coz i saw ur name dark side of the moon just wondering oh yeah when i make movie the homepage has sum text on it and u click on a buttons and the text n th homepge doesnt go

I love Floyd. I come from the age of man where we worshiped floyd and zeplin as gods.

concerning your question… can you explain that more?

i am a 16 year old who should have been in that age i got 13 albums ish of floyd but hey

the question im havin a bit of trouble when i have text on the first page i just made it in the same fla as the nav bar thats prob the problem how do i fix it also i have uploaded the nav bar and a few pages and it seems to be looping whic isnt very useful heres the url


i can send yu the fla files if u want to have a lookat them