Loading swf's 3 deep

Ok…here it goes…

I have a main swf(a) file. I load an swf(b) into a MovieClip with a transition–within that swf(b) I want to load another swf© into a blank MC using transition effects. When I publish(b) by itself and click the buttons swf© loads fine.
When I load (b) into (a)–(b) will no longer load ©.

I know this prob doesn’t make sense…which is why I can not figure it out, but you all are real smart out here…so any help would be appreciated.


Ok…Here are the fla’s…What I am trying to do.

I have my main fla “wd_new1” I load “bottom_data_port” into it. I want to load “clfree.swf” into “bottom_data_port” while it is loaded into “wd_new1”. When I publish “bottom_data_port” by itself it works perfect. When loaded into “wd_new1” it does not work properly…I know this is as clear as mud. Please look at the fla’s and let me know what you all think.

Thanks in advance

I dont even know how to upload a file…geez…I QUIT :puzzle:

anyways here they are…maybe

My head hurts…on this one…Please look at it…Can you do this?..I can not figure out why this is not working…

Okay, I’m at work and dont’ have flash here but I’m gonna take a stab at it anyway. As Norie said - I bet it’s a path problem.

When you loaded ‘c’ into ‘b’ did you use _root? Because if you then load ‘b’ into ‘a’ then ‘a’ becomes _root. So if ‘c’ is still calling ‘b’ the _root then you’ll never see it.

Reading over that it sounds really confusing so I hope you understand what I mean.

Once you load ‘b’ into ‘a’ the only way to reference ‘c’ is:

a.b.c. (a --> b --> c)

I hope I have come even close to your problem.

Also - do you know about the targeting tool? That helps me a lot when I can’t figure out how to “address” a clip.


I worked on your files for a while and i can’t figured how to fix it.
I think it something with the path but i tried different thing with _parent and so but won’t work … sorry :beam:

Well…Thank-you ubik and lunatic…I think I have it narrowed down to a block of code…I am using code from a tutorial I found in here for doing transitions http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/preloader_transition.htm

Here is the code:

if(!loaded && this._url != _root._url){
if (this.getBytesLoaded()==this.getBytesTotal()){
loaded = true;

I believe the problem in the !=_root._url line. so…if you get the whole abc thing this code is in b that was loaded into a…so _root here would be a not b correct? so how would I ref b _root.something._url …I don’t know just thinking…


_root always refers to the main timeline you are working with. Think of it as the first floor of a building (with no basement). If you want to get to the 4th floor you have to start at the first floor, go up through the 2nd floor, up through the 3rd floor to get to the 4th right?

Okay, now apply the same to your movie clips. If you are using that code on b and you want to get to c and you want to use absolute addressing then yes, you need to say _root.b.c (assuming that what you are calling ‘a’ is actually your main fla/timeline).

I’m sorry I can’t look at your fla - I can tonight when I get home but that’s not for a bunch more hours so if this doesn’t help clear it up then maybe someone else can look at your file.

By the way, did you try that target tool I mentioned? It really does a lot of the work for you! It looks like what you would see through a scope on a rifle, or those things in movies when one fighter plane is tyring to lock their missiles on another plane. It is located in the horizontal row of tools on the top of the actionscript pane (if you are in expert mode). :smiley:

then yes, you need to say _root.b.c (assuming that what you are calling ‘a’ is actually your main fla/timeline).

so…what is b then…the mc in a that I loaded into to. How do you reference an swf file…Wow I am really getting confused…And yes I know about the tool…but that doesn’t help me address outside swf’s…does it? Not from what I could tell…Thank-you lunatic for helping out on this

I’m sorry, it’s kind of confusing to help you without seeing what you’ve got and what you are trying to do. I don’t want to confuse you more so unless you want to put some of your actual code in here I think maybe I should hold off until I can look at your fla.

Hopefully someone else will beat me to it but if not I’ll look at it when I get home tonight - about 5 more hours. :jail:

Sorry! :frowning:

p.s. just curious - is your fla set up just like claudio’s tutorial with buttons on the main time line and loading external swfs into a contentMC also on the main timeline? Or are you trying to adapt the tutorial to something in your fla that is much more complex with more depth to your movie clips?

It is not set up just like his…similar…i have it going a little deeper…thanks for your help


:sigh: paths

I am not to knowedgable with AS but I would tackle that problem by loading each movie into different levels


thank you, thank-you thank-you…glad that is ove with. Did I say thank-you yet…Thank-you