Loading Techniques: Flash 5 & Flash MX

i read the tutorial Loading Techniques: Flash 5 & Flash MX by pom and used it… it works great but i have a problem… i need the movies that i load to be beneath some of the layers of my main movie… how can i do that?

Let me see if this is right! You have a main movie and want an extra movie on top of a movie below? Like a alpha effect movie on top of a movie?

Regards Barrie

no… i want the movie that i load to be not on top of all my main movies layers, but only on top of some of them… like it would be a layer of the main movie, somewhere in the middle

anyone, please… i really need to get this over with

In the timeline you could move the layer where your “container” is downwards.

Or use:


That’s better offcourse, Daddyo! :beer:

de groet’n

i don’t know which that layer is… i have no idea where it is created

this is the code:

b2.onPress = function() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 1);
loadMovie(“i see.swf”, container);
container._x = 50 ;
container._y = 45 ;


scotty… i’m totally new to action script… where should i put that line… i have to replace “myMovieClip” with the name of my movie?
do i have to include quotes?