Loading Text for the 100000th time

Ok I’ve looked all over the board listen to what people have said, read 20 tutuorials and nothing works. I know html is limited inside of flash but my bold, align, or any of the tags wont work!!! And its driving me insane. This is exaclty what I have. Someone please help me directly dont send me to another page, i’ve been trying to fix this for about 2 months.
Ok this is my actionscript on a frame in my movie:
loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
_root.nemo.name.text = this.name;

Ok I have a dynamic text field inside a movieclip. The movieclip has an instance name of nemo. I have the render as HTML, my variable name is “name” and i have no instance name on the text field. This is what i have in side my gamingmain.txt file:
name= <b>Gaming</b>
Obsidian Hosting <b>Networks</B><br>
testing this stupid thing

And none of my tags show. If I put “name” as my instance none of the tags show but they dont work either. Please help!