Loading & Transitioning SWFs externally

I’m using the “Transitions between external SWFs” tutorial, but I want to take it a few steps further. (But I’m not sure how or even if I can do what I’m thinking).

Basically here’s the structure I’m looking for:

Container 1
Container 2

Inside Container 1: SWF’s with buttons that are able to load/unload swfs in and out of Container 1. Also inside SWF’s in Container1 buttons that load/unload swf’s in/out of Container 3 (Located within swf in container1) with buttons able to load/unload swfs in ROOT.Container2

Inside Container 2: SWF’s loaded from buttons located within Container1.someswf.Container3

I hope that all makes sense. It actually isn’t a super complicated structure, but I don’t know how to target everything correctly. Can anyone help?