Loading variables

is it possible to load a graphic movie (.jpg, etc) into the actual movie from a different directory to reduce the size of the whole movie?

Easiest way is to make it into a swf (freeware: jpg2swf) so you can just loadMovie-it…

i don’t see why there are programs that can do this. making jpegs into swf’s are so easy! you just import it in the program, save, then create the swf! some people just waste their time…

maybe, but x100 and you start to go “can’t this be done automatically?”

Exactly! One or two is ok, but in large amounts, its easier if it can be batched or simplified…

speaking of which…

eyezberg, could you post a link to the aforementioned program? i couldn’t scare it up with a google search.



But: "Please note this software is “card ware”. So it’s gonna cost you a lot!! :wink:

Also check out this little utility:
which allows you to extract clips and graphics from a swf…might help someday :slight_smile:

what is a “card ware” and what will it cost me…I just got it for free so it sounds, a o k to me lol?

As it says on the page, all you gotta do is send 'em a postcard, and you’re registered, lol…costs the price of a stamp and keeps developpers happy, so do it! :wink:

thanks freeze! this’ll go in the toolbox!