Loading XML from Randomized PHP

Hi guys,

I have some sort of a problem. I’m trying to make a quiz game in AS3, and I have a PHP which generates random quiz entries in XML mode. My Flash file loads the XML successfully, but it doesn’t randomize. It traces the same quiz entry all the time. But when I load the php file on a browser, it shows random entries. How can I load the random XML entries in my Flash file. Here’s my code, by the way. Thanks in advance.

xmlLoader2.load(new URLRequest(“http://mysite.com/random_quiz.php”));

function LoadXML2(e:Event){
xmlData2=new XML(e.target.data);
var fileList2:XMLList=xmlData2.qset.qlist;
question2.text = fileList2.question;
choice1.choiceText.text = fileList2.choice[0];
choice2.choiceText.text = fileList2.choice[1];
choice3.choiceText.text = fileList2.choice[2];
choice4.choiceText.text = fileList2.choice[3];
Correct = fileList2.correct;

*** It loads the same entry every time