Loadmovie and folder problem

I have a main_menu.html where you select lesson 1 and then go to lesson 1.html in the lesson 1 folder. From the lesson1.html page you go to lesson1.swf which loads the required swfs all in the lesson folder.

This all works no problem.

The problem I am having is when I create a bookmark link on the main_menu.html page. When you click the bookmark link you are taken to the checkbookmark.swf page in the root directory. This checks the shared object and determines what the last lesson taken was. However it does not load the lesson1.swf files in the lesson1 folder. I am thinking it is a pathing issue, but every combination I have tried does not seem to work. I know if I place everthing in the root and out of folders this will work, but right now this not an option.