loadMovie and urls and paths


I’m having a problem with the loadMovie command.

I have a MC on the main stage named `blank’.
I have a button with the following code:

[AS]on (release) {
_root.blank.loadMovie(“HERE IS MY PROBLEM”,1);

So I want a SWF named TEST.SWF to be loaded into the movie clip `blank’. My main SWF resides in the main home directory on a site, and the TEST.SWF is in a subfolder named /PAGES

for example:
Main SWF is at www.mymovie.com/MAIN.SWF
TEST.SWF is at www.mymovie.com/PAGES/TEST.SWF

I don’t know the entire url, and will never know the entire url [not purchased yet]… so how do I tell flash to look in the subdir named PAGES to find the TEST.SWF?