LoadMovie + Failing Preload = Stress

So I have a movieclip called content on my main stage, and when a button is clicked I call _root.content.loadMovie(“whatever.swf”) to load some content into it. Now, some of this content is big, so I wanted to have a preloader. I have a working preloader, so I just put it in the first scene of the swf that I’m loading. When I preview these content swf’s individually, the preloader works fine, but it doesn’t work at all when i load it with the actionscript call. Does anyone know why this happens, and more importantly how I can fix it? Thanks in advance.


try to make the preloader from the main stage, not from the swf .

I don’t see any reason as to why it wouldn’t work, your script is correct and you say it works individually. Have you tried previewing it online in an HTML page?

How can I make the preloader from the mainstage work from on a loaded swf? (Also, I have tested the current setup online, and it doesn’t work there either.)

just a simple example:

when you load your swf into the content MC, than use codes like :


and make your preloader.

PS. you can use MovieClipLoader ,if you use Flash MX 2004 Pro:)