Loadmovie into existing movie clip instance


I could use some help with the loadmovie action so that I can reduce the overall size of my swf file. I do not know if I have gone brain dead or just very tired but I seem to be going in circles.


*I have created a “movie” using Flash MX which contains 7 scenes.
*Each Scene has 11 Layers : the top 9 layers (1 for each of the images), layer 10 contains the buttons and layer 11 contains a background. Layer 10 & 11 are visible throughout the entire scene.
*Each scene contains 9 buttons.
*Each button when clicked advances the flash player to desired point in the time line and then plays 10 frames and then stops.
*Within these 10 frames I have placed an instance of the jpeg image (NOT PROGRESSIVE) in the form of a movie clip so that I may go from 5% ALPHA to 100% ALPHA in those 10 FRAMES.


To reduce the overall size of the swf file I would like to dynamically load each of the images when the player advances to the desired frame in the time line. I would like to be able to do this without having to start all over.

Is there a way that I can use loadmovie to dynamically load the jpeg images into the movie clips that I have already created in layers 1-9. I have everything positioned as well as the motion tween to go for 5% Alpha to 100% Alpha and do not want to have to start from the beginning.

As an example I have a button when pressed advances to frame 2.
Frame 2 contains a movie clip which is a Instance of: Photo 1
The Photo 1 movie clip was created when I converted to symbol a file that I imported to the library named photo1.jpg
The film runs for 10 frames and tweens from 5% to 100% ALPHA

Any help that I could get would be great.

Thank you for your time,


What you ask is not possible in Flash 5 without Generator…:frowning:

If you built in Flash MX, try posting in the MX forum =)