loadMovie? Levels? PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Hi there,

In short i’m creating a website… I have created a simple navigation bar that has 6 buttons. the bar was created using movie clips then by putting an “invisible” button underneath.

as for the action script:

on the main stage in an actions layer i have:

_root.home_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){

I have this code for every button, except the names of the movie clips change. All the movie clips do for now is have a graphic go from black to red.

The action script for the buttons are as follows:

on (rollOver){
_root.mouse_over_home_mc = true;
on (rollOut){
_root.mouse_over_home_mc = false;
on (release){

Now when i play the clip everything works like i want it to work…The problem arrises once i load the bar into my header

What I have done is created a new file which contains my header… I added a layer called load with a blank movie clip with the instance name of load_mc in another layer called actions I added the following action scripts:

this.onLoad + function(){

When I play this file, my button_bar.swf load but the graphic keeps playing over and over again instead of only playing on mouse over. I know this is a simple thing to fix, but I just can’t see it…

Thank you for any advice as to what to try next