Loadmovie problem (corrected attchmnt)

(a problem with the last attachment)


Another easy question that i dont know .

In a nutshell i need the animation to fade out (movie1) before the next movie (movie2) is loaded on level 1 using the loadmovie function.

can anyone point me to the right answer.


Just tried to e-mail you this but the server keeps rejecting it.


cheers man, they only got MX on **** computers here (with fukin dial up internet…A meen!)

dont really get what ya mean?
do you want ‘movie 1’ text to fly off then load movie 2.swf

if that is what you mean then all see the attachment, if not let us know


ithink das it, man i know u must think i ask some ******* questions lol.

but yeh thats what i was looking for


Propper BO!

ey man dont worry a’boot a thing like - any thime - keeps me occupied at work!