loadMovie problem - i'm pulling my hair out

-A couple of friends were on my site (http://www.unc.edu/~numinus/testpage) testing what i have so far.
-One friend was accessing the site online from his computer, the other online from my computer. For both, the remote site was working exactly like it works locally.
-Then the friend on my computer clicked on a couple buttons in my site that were links to things that hadn’t been created yet. I wasn’t watching exactly what he was doing, but apprently there were error messages, dialogue boxes etc. At least one of which had something to do with debugging.
-He, without taking the time to read or remember which buttons he clicked (yes, no, or X) clicked out of all the boxes.
-After this, the loadMovie function that is the basis of the navigation stopped working. (In my site, when u pull one of the little buttons down to the golden dock (hitTest) a loadMovie command is supposed to load a swf into a target mc.)
-Now the loadMovie function works fine in the local file, but not in the remote file.
-I first figured he made some debugger change the way my browser uses remote flash files. But then i tested the site on other computers, and it won’t work remotely on any computer.
-I’ve deleted and re-uploaded the remote site repeatedly. I’ve changed the remote paths. No matter what changes i make to the local files, when uploaded to the remote site, the loadMovie doesn’t work.
-But its only numinus.com.swf. I created a test swf named test.swf and placed it on the remote site(http://www.unc.edu/~numinus/testie), it works fine. (note- both numinus.com.swf and test.swf are inserted into index.html files)

I have no idea how his accessing the remote files through a web browser (internet explorer) could have caused this kind of effect. Another strange thing is that, unless i was tripping, on one of my computers a swf actually did load. But it only happened once, after i unloaded it and tried it again it didn’t work.
One last thing. When i’m on the site with internet explorer, i trigger the loadMovie, and it doesn’t work. Then if i try to go anywhere else on the unc.edu server, it says it can’t connect. And i have to close the browser, and delete my history and cookies and all before it will let me back on the unc server.

Please please please help! This is driving me crazy.