loadMovie() question


i’m trying to include a ‘slide show’ in a dynamic movie clip i managed to scrape the tut off here for the slide show but when i include the file the next button brings up nothing. the files are all in the same folder and all exist and all are all named correctly.

the idea is to have a bunch of screenshots scrolling horizontally at the bottom and when a user clicks on one it then appears full size above that w/ some text about the image (in the dynamic mc). users can view multiple image for each ss at the bottom somewhat like a portfolio via the left and right buttons.

see for you self. the 2nd image in each never appears like it cannot find it or something?


http://luminopolis.com/p_boveri.fla <the blue ss

don’t bother clicking on any ss’s other than the blue (boveri) and AIKC one the others have no actions assigned yet.

thanks for your time,