No errors...yet movie never loads :(

Hi everyone!

Could anyone please help me with the attached? The idea is, when you click on “slideshow” a powerpont style slideshow starts in the center of the screen. It never seems to though. I think my actionscripting is correct.

Just open the attached and launch “office2.fla” , that should start the site. Can anyone please help me?

Ok, after reading another, “load movie into another mc file” thread, I got the original problem fixed. Now, there’s a new issue. :sigh:

Check out ! Ok, see how when you click “slideshow” the slideshow starts off with a large, annoying, oversized black box flashing in your face? What’s the deal with that?

Also, the page is full screen where as my .swf is not. Can I specify the page to only be the size of my .swf?


Thanks in advance!

Could you post the original .fla file called “testslideshow”?

your missing this piece of code on your slideshow button


and it works

I’ve got the slideshow button thing figured out now, yeah, it was “_root,” thank you.

anyway, I can’t post the testslideshow.fla because it’s actually just a .swf generated by a program called “powerpoint to flash” by dreamingsoft. Sounds like I’m going to have to find a different solution?