loadMovie "target"? & Kirupa's Image Pan?

Q1:Hi there, I got a wee problem with loading MC.

Description: HTML page containing MC1 and MC2. MC1 has container MC-C inside and MC2 has button with AS … loadMovie (“MC3.swf”, _root.MC1.MC-C")

Problem: when I hit the button nothing happens

When I assigned this script to a button inside MC1 (excludeing “MC1.” from target value) than it works. Would anyone know how should my target value look like to achieve desired load into container within MC1??

conditions: (MCs 1,2,3 are in same folder, with correct instance names, have tryed few variations but no success)

Q2: Kirupa’s Image Pan - is there any way how to integrate whole thing inside another MC without messing it up like me??

Cause I have noticed that it is fixed to “stage.width” and stage of the MC I wanted to plece it is a bit different.

Many thanks for your time
[SIZE=2]regards Tom

[/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE][SIZE=2]Respect to all flashers ! [/SIZE]