hey guys, this is what im trying to do

in the same directory on my FTP, there is a .swf animation.

now, i want to load that swf animation inside a flash movie called "mainFlashMovie :).

my question is, how would i build a preloader for the animation only, not the whole “mainFlashMovie” file.

this is what i got thus far.

i have a movie clip name CMovie instance “CMovie”
And in a frame i have:


this will load my animation in the movie clip CMovie, but thing is i’ve looked at the preloader tutorials on here, but i cant understand how to make one just for that animation instead of the whole thing


If you put a preloader in front of “ae.fla”, the “ae.swf” will be preloaded into your main movie.

*and do c_Movie instead of CMovie, is more standard.


what you would do (without editing ae.fla) is use getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal on your _root.Cmovie instead of _root (which I assume the tutorial has). Also, this preloader should exist as a simple movieclip which can exist on the screen at the same time as that movie … not in a first scene which the tutorial again may or may not do.

If you still have problems, google flash preloader. preloader questions are asked and answered everyday.