**** loadMovie

ok … so i finally got my movie to play in the right spot with this code

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	_root.movies.loadMovie("2B.swf", 0);
	_root.movies._x = 371;
	_root.movies._y = 125;

it was easy … .just time consuming b/c i couldn’t figure out easily exactly where the coordinates were that i needed to position the movie so it would play correctly … a lot of trial and error.

so now the problem is it plays continuously and doesnt respond to the button pushes like it’s supposed to.

the movie is a panoramic view that has left and right buttons on it to spin you around. it’s created by having a movie of the camera spinning and then looping the movie forward and backward. but now the movie just plays when i load it … it doesnt respond when i click the buttons to tell it to go in a different direction … .and it doesnt listen to the stop that is on the first frame of it (so it’s supposed to not be moving when you first see it then when you click the button it moves)

did i load the movie wrong?

thanks for your help

c’mon … someone’s gotta know :slight_smile: