Problem with load movie


I am working on something where if I click a button I load a movie which plays either a successful movie or a failure movie.

However I am using a radial background and when I load either of the movies I can see the previous movie underneath. Also when i mouse over the buttons which are in the underneath movie the pointer changes to a indicate the buttons are still active.

Is there any way I can do the following??

In the first movie click on the button. End the first movie and start the second movie, i.e. having onlt the second movie playing, visible and active, then have an option to go back to the first movie.

Note: I have tried to use the gotoAndPlay with the second and third movies in different frames in the same Scene however as I am dynamically loading movies of flowers aroung the path buttons, when I jumped to the scene the flowers remained in the movie and throughout the movie regardless of the frame I was in.

If anyone can help and has a solution to either of the above problems above I would appreciate it.



I got it working in case anyone has read this and was wondering how it works.

I guess this is pretty simple to all of you.

I have a movie clip called container into which I load a variable to check which button is correct.

I have the following code that checks if the button is correct or incorrect and loads the relevant movie, Success or Fail.

I added the unload command to the bottom of each buttons action so it now looks like this.

on (release) {
if (this.p2) {
loadMovie(“Success.swf”, 3);
} else {
loadMovie(“Fail.swf”, 3);

on (release) {
trace (“Unload Movie”);