Loadmovies navigation question

here’s the problem:

Ive got _root movie that loads the my navigationto the _level1 and the buttons on that level are loading movies on _level5 (supposed to at least)and in the buttons on the navigation there is a movie clip that is activated on the mouse over (including that cuz i’m not sure if that is causing the problem)the navigation level when tested loads the movies on the _level5 but when testing the level0 (root level) the navigationloads but when the buttons are clicked, they don’t load it’s level5 movies.

can you load movies with a button that is located on a different level than the root movie? if so then what am i missing? The path names are correct… help please.

You can load/interact with movies on different levels with buttons. Your description is a bit confusing. Could you post your fla? Or email to [email protected]

it’s 3 seperate .swfs,

#0 being the first main movie,

#1 being the navigation (loaded into the main movie’s _level1)

#5 being the content (loaded from the navigaion swf to it’s (navigation’s) _level5)

the question being, how can you get movies to load from a button(s) that has been loaded into a _level different than the root level. for some reason, i can’t get it to work, all the paths are correct…



_level0: The main movie. has 1 scene, 2 frames, labelled “this” and “that”.

You press a button in the main movie (level0) and a swf appears loaded into level 2. In this new movie in level 2 you have a button that when pressed, you want to be able to send the main movie (level0) to the frame label called “that”. This is what you’d use for the button:

on (release) {

If you then want a button in the main movie to talk to the new movie in level2, you’d use:

_level2.gotoAndPlay(“scene”, “framenumber”);

Basically it’s:


_level0.gotoAndStop(“this”) <— tells main movie to stop at a frame label called “this” in the main time line.

_level2.yogi.booboo.gotoAndPlay(“open”) <— tells a movie clip called “booboo” inside a movie clip called “yogi” (which is loaded into level 2) to go and play a frame labelled “open”.

thanks guys/galls, i figured it out,

the problem was solved once i moved the files into there own folder, they worked just fine, the thing bieng is that i didn’t have full pathnames to each of my swfs. I wasn’t thinhking correctly… if you have a (_level0) swf in a folder and that folder has a folder in it called swf, when you call into that folder to pull a swf out of it you must have a full pathname back into that folder to pull a swf out of it.

such as:

  _level0  swf is in main

         inside main is folder named swf
                                    inside contains:
                                               _level1    swf
                                               _level5     swf

if you load _level1 which contains buttons that load swfs to _level5 that are located in folde swf you still have to have a full path name to those files even if they are in the same folder because they are being loaded onto a movie located outside of that folder.

i was trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, all the examples people gave me were the same as what i was using. I guess i’m a big bone head… thanks for all the help. i highly appretiate it.