Loadvar and scope variable problem

I add this actionscript code on the first frame.
Variables are loaded but . The question is below the code.

var myArray1=new Array()
var myArray2=new Array()
var myArray3=new Array()

function showContent() {

for(var i=0;i<5i++){
var uu=Number(this[“n”]);
myArrray1*=this[“nome” + i];
myArrray2*=this[“email” + i];
myArrray3*= this[“comment”+ i];
var c = new LoadVars();
c.onLoad = showContent;

**** not working ****
_root.result.text = myArray1[0]

myArray seems set to null or out of scope…
Where I am wrong??

Thanks in advance.denis,