Scope trouble with loadVars!

[AS1][loadVars] Scope trouble with loadVars !

Hi everybody,

I’m new on this server !
You will find enclosed a “.zip” file in wich there’s a “.fla” file, a “.txt” file and 6 “.jpg” images.
Frame 1 of the FLA only has a “Preload” class/constructor found on another site and works well.
Frame 2 launches the graphic interface construction.

The file “externalVar.txt” has one variable “maxVin” with a value of 6.
I would like to know WHY i can’t acces this variable from outside of the loadVars object’s scope (i would better say from outside of its “.onLoad” methode scope).
In fact, when i trace my variable “maxVinNum” from outside of this function, flash player return “undefined”. Even if i declare “maxVinNum” on the _root (_root.maxVinNum).

For information, at the start of frame 2, i have let an instruction in comment :
//var maxVinNum = 6;
When we activate this instruction, then the variable is directely declared and everything works well. This test allow us to verify that scripts are not bugged.

Here is the script of frame 2, some of you may understand quickly what’s wrong :

//var maxVinNum = 6;
var vignetteVars = new LoadVars();
vignetteVars.onLoad = function(ok) {
	if (ok) {
		maxVinNum = this.maxVin;
		trace("maxVinNum = " + maxVinNum);
function buildArray (arrayLength) {
	FileArray = new Array();
	for (var i=0; i<maxVinNum; i++){
		FileArray.push ("v_"+(i+1)+".jpg");
	trace("FileArray : " + FileArray);
function buildSlide(){
	vinKern = 1;
	preloadSlide = new Preloader(load_indicator);
		for (var i=0;i<FileArray.length;i++){
			//Construction du slide
			slide["vignette"+i]._x += i*(slide.vignette._width + vinKern);
			// ajoute à la file du preloader
			preloadSlide.insert(FileArray*, this.slide["vignette"+i].conteneur, i,"","","okload");


I hope my english is not too bad, and my explaination not too long and understable.
thanks a lot for your help !