loadVariables("sendmail.php"... (issue)

Hi all.

Just having a slight issue with an actionscript contact form:

If the mandatory fields are not filled out, and send is selected, the email comes through.

I have not yet put the **"//" **in front of the first “loadVariables…” for testing purposes.

My main issue is that, when the form is totally complete, it says that it sent successfully, however i do not recieve an email…

What have i done wrong? please refer to the script below:
Cheers :slight_smile:

// the below applies to the send button

on (release) {
sender_iam = _root.Siam.text
sender_name = _root.Sname.text


function validate(){
if(_root.Siam.text == “”) {
_root.Siam_validation._alpha = 100;

} else if(_root.Sname.text == “”) {
_root.Sname_validation._alpha = 100;

} else {