loadVariablesNum problems

I have a send to friend thing that I don’t want to change over to loadvars right now using loadVariablesNum. The problem i’m having is that when i call loadVariablesNum:

loadVariablesNum(“SendToFriend.php”, 0, “POST”);

if the target is anything but 0 i get another browser window pop up with SendToFriend.php. That being said I can’t figure out where to point the variable that need to be sent so they’re at 0. i’ve tried everything:

_root.level0.ToName = ToName.text;

level0.ToName = ToName.text;

_root.ToName = ToName.text;


can anyone tell me the target to point to variable to so that loadVariablesNum with it’s target being set to 0 or tell me how to change the 0 path and not get the extra browser window pop up?


can’t you use

loadVariables("SendToFriend.php", "POST");