Hi Guys…

I am new to Flash and actionscript. I posted this query in another forum too, however there hasn’t been a reply yet, so I decided to post it here as well. I have this fully functioning program with me that has a certain line of code that I am having a little difficulty figuring out. Here is how it goes:

var initVar:LoadVars = new LoadVars( );

I know what the above line does, as in a variable ‘initVar’ of type LoadVars is being decalred. It’s a composite datatype and LoadVars is a class.
However what I don’t understand is what comes next:

gBasicConnect = initVar.basicConnect;

I was expecting basicConnect to be a method of the LoadVars class, unfortunately according to the AS2 API, it’s not. Where could basicConnect have come from than? This is what I don’t understand. I hope someone can help me in understanding this. The program was originally written with ActionScript 2.0 in Flash 8.0, I am now looking at it in CS3. Thanks guys…