Local Connection across HTML pages

Hello all,

I’m a little confused trying to get my head aorund this. I have three swf’s using local connection to communicate. Basically a top and bottom navigation communicating with a main module. All this works fine and looks a little like this:

Actions.LINKFunction = function(){
outgoing_lc = new LocalConnection();
//send the contents of the text field
//using the send() method
outgoing_lc.send(“lc_navigation”, “LINKFunction”, whichCat.text);
//delete the local connection now that the
//message has been sent
delete outgoing_lc;

left_lc = new LocalConnection();
left_lc.send("lc_left", "LINKFunction", whichCat.text);
delete left_lc;


incoming_lc = new LocalConnection();
incoming_lc.LINKFunction = function() {
copyMC = “LINK_text”;

left_lc = new LocalConnection();
left_lc.LINKFunction = function() {
imageMC = “LINK_left”;

As I mentioned this all works fine. Where I am having trouble is that there is one link that takes the user to an eCommerce area of the site that lacks the main module. It only has the top and bottom navigation. So the navigation is basically broken once the user heads to this area. By putting a getURL into the top nav function I can easily get back to index.html, but I can’t figure out how to send the functions once the page has loaded. Basically looking for a way for the functions to execute after the new html page has loaded. So the user hit’s the LINK button, the page index.html is loaded along with the three swf’s and instead on the default movie’s loading in the main-module, the functions in the main module corresponding to LINK are run.

No idea if this is even possible, but maybe there is a workaround.

Does this make any sense? Let me know if I can clarify anything.