Locate country in a zoomeable and map

Hi there,

        I'm pretty new to Flash MX and I'm working with a world map which I can zoom and pan (this is working fine...).

        I now have to click on any country on my map and get this special country of the map positioned right in the centre of my stage. I’ve been trying for a couple of days with the _x,_xmouse,_y and _ymouse properties, but I never get to do it right...  And my problem gets worst when I start panning and zooming the map, cause _x,_y and _xscale and _y_scale values vary constantly. 

        Could you please give me any tip or recommendation? 

        Any help will be appreciated,

        Thanks in advance,

I would personally create an object. each “sub-object” would represent the country, and would contain the _x and _y coords for each one where you would like it to appear.

then have a small function which accepts this info and places the movie properly.

Hope this helps you somewhat.

Dont you figure out how to do it dynamically ?
Because I have more than 240 countries.

I have a hierarchy of movie clips:

map component (target, boundaries, map*, etc) > map* > all country maps (like a puzzle) > each country map (movieclip and finally a button)

Thanks four your help!