Locked up - Are you game for it!

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, but I have always learnt good tips and programming tricks from this site. From the knowledge gained, I have managed to put together an adventure based game.
The game in the caves of a jungle in Amazon. The character has to fnd his way through the path, collecting the key to open the door that leads to the next level. If the door doesn’t open on time, he will languish on that level itself.
He has to collect coins while on his way out.

There are also obstacles in the form of dissolving ground, where the character can step on only once, after which it goes off. And of course there is moving ground to take him around.
This game is originally planned with 25 level. But the game here has only five.

I hope everyone enjoys playing this game. The link is-

K. David.

A few suggestions:

It was a bit unclear that you needed to walk over the keyhole square before the door would open. I suppose I just assumed that the keyhole would be in the door (where it seems most keyholes are these days (-: ), so it would be helpful if you were to make this a bit more clear.

Particularly on the third level, some of the little arrow blocks that move around don’t go where they indicate they will go, which left me a bit confused and sometimes unable to complete the level.

A reset button when you have lost would be nice, even if it did just reload the page or something.

Finally, a useful button would be one which would allow you to kill yourself, when you see that you have taken the wrong path and will be unable to complete the level. Then you wouldn’t have to wait until the timer went all the way down to 0. And if you do make one, maybe a confirmation so you don’t accidentally click it.

Other than these things, looks to be a very nice game.

Hope it helps! :beer:

What Big_Al said. Plus the time limits seem a little harsh. You need a little more time to plan your route through each level than you’re given. Other than that though it’s looking good.

entertaining. I agree with Big Al. My only other problem would be that the level-end-display thing is obscured by the map itself, and then it doesn’t go away. Other than that, nice job. :slight_smile:

I keep blowing up. :S

Thanks guys, your suggestions will definately be incorporated into the game, and you will have a modified version to play soon enough.

K. David.

Well this game is addiciting! I finally made it past level one…and I supposed to be working…that gets my vote