Logo/banner needed, will pay. :)

I recently purchased http://www.rpgbugs.com

We have just installed vBulliten and have merged many online communities (other sites) into this one site.

We wish to have a snazzy banner at the top. We are thinking something along the lines of a fantasy scape with some sort of animation, and text describing the site.

We also want moderator and Administrator flash markups made. If you look at this post here: http://www.rpgbugs.com/showthread.php?t=4419 you can see my administrator markup are those flashing blue dots, just to show you what a markup is. The markups need to be kept small in file size.

I am not very artistic and thus do not have much of an artistic vision. So any ideas you would like to throw my way would be great. I am unsure of the cost of a small endeavor such as this, so please include a quote. I have contacted several professional flash companies such as www.deepblue.com , and have never received a response. I hope posting in this forum helps.

Contact: [email protected]

ASAP would be best, PayPal would be the fastest way to pay you.

Sites for artistic reference: