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i totally agree :slight_smile:

but then again adoring them makes us totally biased… (-:

ahh another very good point, yes we are biased :crazy: :love: but i don’t think that is a problem :beam:

however this is pretty disturbing…


that isn’t disturbing at all!! haha check this out though, this is the best pic ever!!!

:beam: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha careful… kids use these boards…

ures is alot more disturbing… i geuss its just the way he is… :slight_smile:

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**:!: when did you meet him?! sure you may think he is an *** but he is one talented singer…one of the best!! oh and why was he an *** and an idiot? im pretty surprised to hear that…:-\ **

i got a backstage pass at the omaha, ne concert last year. i was excited to meet him, as was my best friend, so i thought that he would at least be a nice guy and be able to carry on a nice conversations with his fans. but no, instead, he introduced himself and then we introduced ourselves and he’s like “oh i have to get a massage, but i’ll see you guys later”. riiiiiight. he had to get a massage? what kind of a lame excuse is that?

needless to say, we left because i don’t like when people waste my time, just like he did, no matter how important or popular they are. so yeah, i think i’m pretty right when i say he’s an ***.

that doesn’t discount his talent or that he is a great artist. i just don’ t like his personality. the moment he walked into the room, i just didn’t feel too good about him. kind of an extremely negative vibe.

i still LOVE tool and i won’t say that tool sucks just because the singer is an ***. they’re still a great band and i’d pay to see them again.

and i called him an idiot because he had to make up a lame excuse to get rid of us. i know when i’m not wanted somewhere, but making up lame excuses just makes me mad. maybe i was wrong in calling him an idiot, so let’s rephrase that and say he was a total jerk.

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**however this is pretty disturbing…

:bounce: **

that’s far from disturbing. that’s one of the best pictures of him ever!!!


he may have had a massage to go to. He prob sees hundreds of “fans” each and every show. Sometimes they are busy, and the ‘fans’ get the shaft, but at least you got backstage.

Backstage is not the place to meet the stars. They are swamped with people who want something from them, and they don’t usually have much free time (I have a few friends in the business, and have visited them backstage many times when they come back into town, and even then they have very little time to chat).

Give the guy a break, at least he wasn’t totally rude to you.

As I said, he may have actually had a massage waiting for him (it could have been a fan who is a masseuse, and wanted to give him a massage, and if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t get it), or he could have been trying to be nice, and make up an excuse. Either way you prob werent the only fan backstage that wanted to “chat” with him…


but then why bring us backstage if the almighty maynard doesn’t have any time. blowing people off is rude.

but anyways, i don’t think i’ll ever go backstage again. some of the other fans there were so idiotic that i was ashamed to be in the same room as them. to me it’s kinda like inviting somebody to your house. they’re a guest and you have to have the decency to hang out with your guests.

but anyways, i really couldn’t give a **** about maynard. just my opinion.

did Maynard give you the passes himself?

backstage is mostly hype IMO…

The people back there are strange at best…

The only good things about backstage is the clean bathrooms with no line, and the free beer in the Band’s room…

The rest is all bullsh** …

Everyone else is still prob bragging about how they got backstage… it’s all in the view…


hahha, yeah. oh my god, you should have seen some of the chicks there. this one girl decided to flash all of us and show us all her tattoos, including the ones on her boobs.

i asked her how old she is and she’s like “i’m 26”. then i told her that i wasn’t interested in seeing her tits. if i wanted to look at some, i’d look at mine. she got pissed and called me a “prude”. hahahhahahaha

I have a board that I have stuck all of my passes… It’s a pretty piece of art, and a great conversation piece, but that’s about it…

As a matter of fact, I just remembered, the last 2 times a certain friend came into town, I didn’t even go backstage (there was a huge line just to say hi)… Of course I knew he was going to be at the group BBQ the next day anyway… And he is the most gracious of all of them ( he always makes time for the ‘fans’ ).

There seems to be a whole bunch of the girls “who throw their panties on the stage” who hang out backstage… What a goal in life…


and she was so nasty looking, ugh. but then again, she said she was from iowa, so i can’t hold the fact that she’s a slut against her. (no offence to anybody from iowa here, it’s just that iowa has some of the sluttiest girls around).

god, it’s so sad. a couple weeks ago at the RHCP concert, this one girl decided to moon everybody and then other girls followed suit with flashing and making out. it’s really getting on my nerves. every concert i go to, somebody has to start that bull. it’s getting old.

I know what you mean…

That is why I rarely go to stadium shows if at all anymore. The smaller the venue, the better, IMO…

The largest show I have been to in years has been Jazz Fest in New Orleans (still has a small stage feel to it). Other than that one, most shows I see are in a venue that seats less than 2500 people. One reason I love living in San Francisco, we have lots of small venues the bands like to play. Tom Petty booked one venue for 3 weeks of shows… now that was pretty cool to be in the crowd of some of those…


well when you live in the middle of nowhere (aka. nebraska) there are only big shows, and very few little venues. i liked seeing 311 in a small venue in omaha. it was a great atmosphere. the venue fit less than a thousand people. big venues can be good though when they’re outside because people spread out more and you can just sit in the grass and chill. that’s why i’m excited to see pearl jam in kansas city next month. it’s an outside venue with a whole lawn section. i just hope it doesn’t rain.

We have a few outdoor venues that aren’t too big…

The Greek @ Berkely is fairly small (5k), and we have a couple of amphitheaters that hold around 25k. All with lawn sections.

I have to go to the Greek to see Ben Harper play anymore. Unless I’m lucky enough to get in on the private shows… It happens when your friends get big…


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**and she was so nasty looking, ugh. but then again, she said she was from iowa, so i can’t hold the fact that she’s a slut against her. (no offence to anybody from iowa here, it’s just that iowa has some of the sluttiest girls around).

<b>Mental Note:</b>

Get yourself to iowa…

haha, unless you want an STD, get yourself as far away from iowa as possible.

pinx, where did you score the backstage pass from?

if i was in your position i would have been just lost for words…i mean what do you say to someone who produces the music you love :love: im jealous now :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: